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Data Security

We often hear that “data is the new oil”, and it’s true in two senses; Firstly in the way that data flows into every corner of our organisations, powering the machinery of business all over the world, and secondly in that it is incredibly valuable. Also just like oil, if data leaks it can be catastrophic for corporate reputations and devastatingly expensive, not to mention difficult to fix.

At SecureLink we have long recognised the value of data, and our business is founded on data protection. In order to protect data it must first be discovered and understood – we help our customers to focus their resources on protecting their most critical electronic assets, whether those assets represent priceless intellectual property or heavily regulated sensitive personal data.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is no longer enough. Sophisticated tools designed to monitor the egress of data from your organisation are useless if they don’t understand what’s important to you. It’s futile to try and prevent data escaping when our research shows that most malicious exfiltration is related to malware introduced to use machines by phishing, malicious websites or social engineering.

User training, perimeter and endpoint security and data loss prevention all need to work in accord in order to minimise your exposure to data loss and, crucially, there must be a focus on visibility  – worryingly it can still take months to realise that data has leaked or that organisations have been compromised, by which time carrying out an impact assessment and remediation work, not to mention reporting for compliance purposes, can be far too late.

SecureLink works with organisations to discover, classify and protect their data, as well as to train their users in recognising and avoiding attempts to trick them into exfiltrating it to a malicious actor. Should the worst happen, we make sure our customers have the right corporate policies in place and tested, and our incident response services are available 24/7 to help stop the leak and trace the source.

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